Dr. E.K.T Sivakumar was born to a Teacher Dr. E K Thiruvengadam and EKT Vijaya. His father has also penned various books in religious awakening, historical and freedom fighters life books context. Dr. Sivakumar was honored with the title “Best Teacher Award” from the Government of Tamil Nadu, India. With previous experience in Centre for Nano Science and Technology and currently holding the post of Visiting Professor in Depart of Ceramic Technology, Anna University, Chennai, Dr.E.K.T.Sivakumar has not stopped with his passion for research and teaching. His mission is to establish scientific temper among people and spreading knowledge about science and technology for the betterment of society. He regularly writes articles about science for youth and children. With over 500 awards in his name, he was bestowed with the ‘Best Children’s Science Writer Award 2015’ by BAPASI in March 2015. He is also the Founder and Editor of Valarum Ariviyal,[1] a quarterly magazine in Tamil that propagates information and knowledge about Science and Technology to the general audience. Dr. Sivakumar is a scientist, a professor, and a social activist too. He has devoted himself to the cause of students, the poor and the needy, the differently-abled and senior citizens through innumerable social activities on a continued basis.